Empower people with visual impairment to independently navigate the world.

Opening a new world to people with visual impairment

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Our mission

We are revolutionising the way that we all navigate space. While this will just be convenient for most of us, it will completely change the way that someone with visual impairment can access internal spaces by removing significant barriers to navigation, opening up a whole new world for discovery.



Technology now revolutionises and touches us on so many ways. We're harnessing its power to enable people with visual impairment to navigate with confidence and independence as they move through their space. Think of the new world this opens up for exploration for so many people.

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We want to empower people with visual impairment to navigate their world and not be held back by limited vision. We've heard from many people about the importance of social inclusion and community engagement to the enrichment of their lives. Technology has the ability to help foster and create this, by removing barriers to mobility, to employment or to meet with friends and engage in their community.

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Spend more time exploring your world with all its wonders, and less time concerned about the unknown and dangerous. BanjoMaps takes your hand to help you navigate safely home, work or wherever you're headed. No need to look for help from strangers anymore, our internal navigation technology means you'll have the confidence to travel to areas less familiar and unknown.

How does it work?

BanjoMaps enhances the accessibility of indoor spaces using beacons which are overlaid with other wayfinding technologies. Beacons are placed at key points in a space in order to determine a person's location relative to structures and walls that are around them.

Once the person is located, our proprietary algorithm calculates a route for the person through visual cues and audio prompts to their destination.

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